A proactive rather than reactive culture

We believe that mental health is something that should be talked about openly and honestly, and we really want to create a preventative culture at Tilted East that helps people before they reach a point of crisis.

By sharing your mental health experiences through your designs, you're not only creating something beautiful and meaningful - you're also starting important conversations and providing inspiration and hope to others who may be struggling with similar issues. Your designs and narratives will help to create a supportive and empowering community for all.

We encourage our community’s designers to include any detail they feel comfortable sharing on how they are dealing with their struggles in a positive way, whether that be a particular technique learnt, taking time for themselves or going to therapy to learn more about how their experiences are affecting them. We hope this extra information will be a powerful tool for creating a supportive culture around mental health that is proactive rather than reactive, giving everyone the best chance to identify and relate to each and every experience and take action sooner rather than later.