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1. The design process is collaborative, both you and us working together to produce the final piece. Check out our products to see what we have done with your designs previously.

In most cases our designers will make minimal alterations to your designs, they are merely here as a helping hand to get the best out of your artwork and create a final piece that we hope will best spread our community’s message. Anything designed digitally will most likely remain untouched by us.

2. Refer to our 'Design Prompts' in the section below and Design Gallery to get inspiration for your design. You may already have an idea in mind, which is great!

3. Before starting your design, make sure you have read the CRP (Content Review Policy) in the T&C's.

4. Upload your design using our Design Submission Form.

5. We will notify you once we have received your design and send you a one off code to redeem 25% off on our website if your design passes our CRP. We will notify you again if we are going to feature your design on our merchandise, at which point you will receive a free product featuring your design. Please be aware that the time for you to be notified about the status of your design will depend on when our next drop is, so could vary.

6. We will close the submissions approximately one month before we are due to release our newest drop and reopen it on the day of the drop. Any designs we have received in the latest submission period will then be reviewed and we will decide how best to use them.

Designs that aren’t used on our merchandise, will also be published in our Design Gallery on the day of the drop. If your design appears on our website and we haven't used your design first time round, it doesn't mean it won't be used in a different drop.

At the end of each year, we will gather all submissions and create a year end book - the last day to submit a design to be included in this year’s book will coincide with us closing the submission point before one of our next drops.

At Tilted East, we know that sometimes words just aren't enough to fully express the complexity of our thoughts and feelings. That's why we've created a space where you can use your creativity to visually communicate what it's like to live with your mental health experiences, both the good and the bad. We believe that imagery and design can be a powerful tool for communication, both for ourselves and for others who may be going through similar experiences.
We invite you to create a design that represents your unique experience living in your mind and body. Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, we want to see your vision and share it with the world.
By submitting your work, you'll be helping to spread an important message about mental health awareness and destigmatisation. We are committed to donating 10% of our pre-tax profits to affiliated charities who are working to enhance the lives of those affected by their mental health. 

We welcome submissions from individuals and groups, and anyone is free to send in a design regardless of who you are or what your experiences with mental health have been. 

We are proud to be different to other brands, as our focus is truly on championing your experiences with mental health, rather than your artistic ability. We want to be recognised as a community working together to achieve a common goal, not as individuals and want the message to take centre stage. We believe that by encouraging our designers to explore their own personal experiences with mental health, they can create designs that not only resonate with them, but also inspire, educate and evoke thought and conversation in others, without the need to know exactly who did it.

We're not looking for perfect or generic designs – we want to showcase your experiences in all shapes and sizes. You have free reign to create something that feels just right to you. Whether you're a seasoned artist or picking up a paintbrush for the first time, we want to hear from you.

At Tilted East, we want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to express your experiences with mental health through design. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to convey your message through imagery alone, which is why we encourage you to use any medium that feels comfortable to you.

Whether it's a pencil or pen drawing, a painting, a collage, a handwritten poem, photography, a sculpture (photographed), or a digital design, the choice is yours. We want you to feel empowered to express your experiences in whatever way feels most authentic to you. You will need to provide a short narrative detailing your inspiration behind your design or what it means to you (this won’t appear on the clothing).

And don't worry about the logistics, we'll make sure you're able to send your design to us electronically so that it can be considered for our community and clothing collections.

At Tilted East, we want to create a space where you feel you can trust us to get the most out of your design and to create as big of an impact as possible. To be open and transparent with you, we want to make you aware of the following, when submitting a design:

  • You are submitting a design to be featured on our clothing, in our Print Store or on our website and in our year-end books. It is Tilted East’s responsibility to decide where your design will be displayed but rest assured, it is guaranteed to feature in one way or another. Wherever it features, remember you are helping to create an important community and spread our message.
  • We may retouch your design to sharpen edges and alter the colour palette, so that it is ready to go to manufacture. However, we do our best to keep any retouching to an absolute minimum so that the final products remains authentic to your design.
  • We use a range of printing and embroidery techniques to achieve the biggest impact.
  • We want to be able to use as many of your designs as possible in our clothing and prints. We therefore look at ways in which we can integrate a series of designs into a single piece of clothing or print to bring it to life and as a result, your design may feature alongside somebody else’s. Be aware that some designs will feature as stand alone. It depends on your submission. We hope you will trust us to make the most of your submission.
  • We release items in small batches, so that we can shine light on as many of your designs as possible.
  • All designs will be featured in our Design Gallery and year-end books in their original form.
  • There will be discount codes and other rewards available on our website for those who submit a design, and further discounts available for those that feature on our merchandise (this is just an idea and not set in stone).

Submit a design and receive a 25% discount code off your next order. 

If your design features on any of our merchandise, receive a free item featuring your design and a 25% discount code off your next order. 

See below some brief prompts on what you could design.

  • Create an image that represents your emotional state during a particularly challenging time in your life.
  • Design an illustration that shows the internal struggle you have when dealing with anxiety.
  • Create a series of abstract patterns that represent the highs and lows of your mood swings.
  • Make a collage of images that reflect the different emotions you experienced during a depressive episode.
  • Create a piece of art that represents the journey you took to overcome a mental health challenge.
  • Illustrate the feeling of being trapped in your own mind during a panic attack.
  • Design an image that represents the sense of relief you feel after seeking professional help for a mental health issue.
  • Create an abstract interpretation of the physical symptoms you experience during a period of anxiety.
  • Design an image that represents the positive impact self-care practices have on your mental health.
  • Make a mixed media piece that shows the duality of living with a mental health condition, with positive and negative aspects.
  • Create an image of how social media has affected you and your body positivity.
  • What does a day in the life look like for you, as someone who has ADHD?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a mental health condition that you feel ashamed about? How does that make you feel? What does that look like to you on paper?
  • Is there something really obscure that has an ongoing impact on your mental health? Maybe something that someone has said to you?
  • Is there a particular technique you have learnt that is really helping you with managing your mental health? What is it and how does the technique itself or the feeling you get from it  look to you?