Hero Creatives


Chessie has submitted a number of poignant collages to us, all with powerful narratives to match the incredible artwork. Go checkout Chessie's other amazing collages at @collagebychessie on Instagram.

  • Floating Around

    Keep your wits about you. Even the most harmless looking thing can change your life. But remember that can also be a good thing.

  • Allow The Silence


    Being at peace with peace. Inspired by leaning into those awkward silences and stealing them as moments of consciousness.

  • Follow

    This represents my desperation of wanting to be led through life, as opposed to constantly feeling like I am having to find my own way. I always wished I'd had a guide.

  • I'm Not Sure

    I question my existence and whether it should exist. Just like a fish in a bag; the world can be suffocating and things can feel unfair. I am not a victim and I never will be. I hope that fish is swimming in the sky now, away from the scariness down here.

  • Breathe Out

    A gentle reminder to myself to take a couple of moments now and again to breathe. It's amazing how much calmer I feel after taking ten deep breaths.

  • Just Fine

    I always say I'm fine when people ask how I am because the word 'fine' is such a safe and easy response when talking about how I'm feeling. It doesn't require any thinking or reflection and sometimes that's what I need when I'm suffering. It's not necessarily helpful but it's just easy when I'm tired of suffering. I guess the black box just exaggerates the 'fine'; simple, empty and nothingness.


Sophie has used a number of mediums to create powerful designs that express her own experiences with mental health. We have worked with Sophie to produce final pieces, often digisting her original designs, so that they are ready to go to manufacture, whilst keeping the integrity of her original artwork. Go check out @drawnnnnnnout to see her other work.

  • Addiction Ghost

    This illustration shows the reality of how addiction pans out. Once a healthy man has drunk himself to death and his ghost sips a beer, it rises from the empty beer cans. It is inevitable how it will end and when I’m suffering, I struggle to break the cycle. However, thanks to a lot of hard work, I have started to find coping mechanisms that keep me on the right track.

  • Female Rage

    This multi-medium design signifies the untamed intensity of female rage. Fiery hues and sharp lines convey the unapologetic power and frustration that simmers within me. I feel a strong connection to its fierce energy, recognising the collective strength of women who refuse to be silenced, as they rage against injustice and inequality.

  • Chaos Follows Me

    No matter how hard I try to avoid it, chaos seems to follow me everywhere I go. As I gazed at the design I had just created, I saw my life unfold before me. A tumultuous blend of colours and shapes swirled relentlessly, mimicking the relentless chaos that seems to follow me wherever I go. In its centre, a lone figure stood, unperturbed, serving as a reminder of the perpetual storm that clings to my every step.

  • Whirlwind

    People seem to come and go in my life all the time. I just want to find a steady relationship because at the moment I feel totally out of control and have nobody to lean on when I need it.