Terms & Conditions for Designers

Tilted East reserves the right to select which designs will be published, based on the design adhering to our Content Review Policy.

Any use of derogatory language, towards the Titled East community and beyond, will not be accepted and your design will be discarded. Any inappropriate imagery used in the designs will also mean your design is discarded. We aim to be as fair as possible when reviewing the designs and stories behind them, but you have no right to argue or take legal action if we decide your submission is inappropriate.

Of course, the nature of these designs are likely to be triggering for some people and so we ask you to be as respectful as possible to others, whilst still authentically telling us your own story. However, anything that is deemed intentionally provocative, will not be showcased.

You must own the content that you upload, or have the express authority to reproduce it. Content must comply with international trademark and copyright laws.

You give us the right to alter or copy your original design to feature as Tilted East merchandise and promotional material. Tilted East does not claim ownership rights over your designs but by submitting a design you give Tilted East the right to display and sell your designs as merchandise.

Tilted East may own an alteration of the design if the final look is distinguishable from the original. By submitting a design and narrative, you agree to let us feature them across our online and offline platforms (books, social media, website, merchandise).

It’s important to note that Tilted East’s platform is designed to offer people help through sharing, identifying and relating to creative design and writing. We are not medical experts and do not offer professional advice and help.