Elevating Your Mental Health Experiences

Community led streetwear, elevating here and now experiences with mental health. Designed collaboratively between you and us.

Championing Authentic Expression

Our experiences with mental health do not always fit into categories determined by mental health newspeak today. Creativity helps us express ourselves, allowing us to relate with each other on a deeper, more meaningful level.


Blog Posts

  1. Our founder's story

    Hi, I'm Henry, founder of Tilted East. My personal battles with mental health and struggle communicating my experiences through traditional ment...
  2. Four reasons why a fashion brand, advocating mental health awareness, should be the next addition to your wardrobe

    Raising Awareness: Wearing Tilted East clothing helps raise awareness about the importance of mental health, encouraging those around you to engage...
  3. In need of some inspiration for your design? See our list of design prompts to help you

    See below some brief prompts on what you could design: Create an image that represents your emotional state during a particularly challenging tim...