Tilted East is a community of likeminded individuals who collectively have a similar desire to help and support each other. Community members are also supporting individuals and groups beyond the Tilted East community, by supporting our affiliated mental health charities and helping to start conversations about aspects of mental health that have not been communicated before by creating designs and carrying our message. By finding out more about someone’s design and choosing to wear it, we are all showing support on many levels.

We want Tilted East to be open to as many people as possible. Tilted East is different to other clothing brands, as it aims to leave the perfect aesthetics and generic designs behind when it comes to the designs it showcases. The focus to be on showcasing designs with a personal meaning behind them. Our clothes are unisex, easy to wear and have been designed to be worn by anyone. We believe that everyone deserves to feel good and confident in their own skin, no matter what is going on for them. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes and  styles to ensure that everyone can find something that fits their personal style and comfort level.

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do and we rely on the creative synergy between our community and ourselves to make this mission possible. Undeniably, creativity is an invaluable tool for mental understanding, processing and healing.

We know it takes a huge amount of courage and vulnerability to open up about mental health experiences, so in return we strive to be as transparent as possible. For our whole community, we aim to communicate our mission and goals as clearly as possible.

Though Tilted East is a brand that focuses on mental health, we also care about the environment. We try our hardest to have as little impact on the environment as possible by using recyclable packaging, creating garments in small batches that are made from 100% organic cotton where possible and donating many of our items (instead of thrown away).

We strive to provide high quality clothing throughout our offering, comfortable items that you feel good in and can keep on wearing again and again, so we can further reduce waste and keep spreading our important message at the same time.

We encourage our community to take an interest in each and every design and the narrative behind it, by displaying them all in our Design Gallery. As each design offers a unique perspective on mental health, we believe there will be something for everybody to relate to and identify with.